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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I still can’t believe that I’m a breast cancer survivor. Last year when I got the call from the doctor saying you have a less invasive form of breast cancer known as DCIS. My life was turned upside down. That started my journey with breast cancer to finally figure out the best opposition and that was to have a double mastectomy. My breast cancer diagnoses breast cancer came right after I got the positive result for a rare genetic medical condition known as Cowden syndrome. Cowden syndrome involves the PTEN gene and is associated with a very high risk of developing a variety of different types of cancers, breast is one of those cancers.

I shared my journey through breast cancer on my youtube channel. Check out the following my 1st video. When I had my double mastectomy on April 21, 2017. While you are exploring my channel, you can also check out/watch/and support my journey.

I’m definitely honored to be a breast cancer survivor. This is my life and journey and I will keep moving forward.

Got A Call From Dr. Peterson/Cleveland Clinic

Last year my mom and I traveled to Cleveland Clinic to visit two doctors. One of these doctors that we visited was the breast specialist. I made the very hard discussion to have a double mastectomy at the age of 25. Went through the first surgery on April 21, 2017, then the second surgery was on August 2, 2017.

On September 13, 2017 – I got this call but I did not answer because it was an unknown number. Then I saw I had a voicemail message and the person calling was the breast specialist from Cleveland Clinic. She was calling to check up on me and saw I decided to have a double mastectomy and that I made a good choice. Knowing that I have a high risk of invasive breast cancer and they already found breast cancer in both of my breasts. After listening to the message, I turned to my mom and told her who called. Her response was something like this “no one believes me that your doctors call you to check up on you”. I’ve had a few of my doctors here in Chicago check up on me but I never thought a doctor in a different state. That I only met once, would be thinking about me. saw I went through surgery and deiced to call. I tried to call her back but because it was an unknown number, I couldn’t. Truly amazing and that’s why I love my entire medical team. Thanks, Dr. Peterson
Well, that’s all – just wanted to write about something cool that happened to me in these past few weeks.

Last Week_5 Day EEG

Last week, I went into the hospital to have a long EEG done. My doctor had a plan to stop my seizure medication (cold-turkey). In hopes that I would have a seizure. I know that sounds very wired that we wanted me to have a seizure but there is a reason behind that. This past year, I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition known as Cowden syndrome and this condition involves the PTEN gene. Because this condition is so rare, many doctors have never heard of it.
My amazing epilepsy doctor took on the challenge of not only treating a patient with a rare medical condition but to learn as much as she can. Time went on, now she has two more patients with the same genetic mutation that involves the PTEN gene. Through research to better understand this rare medical condition and also observing these two patients getting EEG done. My doctor saw that there are similarities to each patient, they all had focal seizures.
That’s why my doctor wanted me to come in and have another EEG. That’s because last year I had an outpatient EEG and that’s where my doctor diagnosed me with generalized epilepsy. That’s what I love about having my care at a teaching hospital, everyone wants to know more and never gives up to find the end results. We also wanted to see if these muscle jerks were seizure resulted, they are not. In the end, we did not capture a seizure so I was disappointed and very frustrated that we went into the hospital with a plan and nothing got done/figured out. I thought I was also going to get an MRI done but they said it’s okay to schedule for an outpatient. This type of MRI is geared towards people with epilepsy and looks at the structure of the brain. I’m totally for that, I really like having MRI’s done and yes that sound strange. When I was in the hospital, I told the doctors and students that and all of them were like “we have never heard that before”. That’s my update from my week in the hospital.