Just checking in

On my way to work, I find this very interesting. Yesterday when I was leaving for work I saw on the forecast that there might be rain or a mixture of snow and rain. Either way, I knew I had to bring my umbrella.

Today, I did the same thing. Checked the weather and saw rain/mixture of snow was going to happen. For some reason, I completely walked out of the house with out an umbrella and the wrong shoes to get wet. Remember that umbrella might come in handy wasn’t untilI was a few blocks away from my house. I could of turned back but then that would make me late for work. I was just like, really Kaitlyn. You were all prepared for the weather yesterday but today is a different story. I know this was not exciting at all, I have to get off the bus very soon. So I have to go.

Posted in: EEG

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