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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I still can’t believe that I’m a breast cancer survivor. Last year when I got the call from the doctor saying you have a less invasive form of breast cancer known as DCIS. My life was turned upside down. That started my journey with breast cancer to finally figure out the best opposition and that was to have a double mastectomy. My breast cancer diagnoses breast cancer came right after I got the positive result for a rare genetic medical condition known as Cowden syndrome. Cowden syndrome involves the PTEN gene and is associated with a very high risk of developing a variety of different types of cancers, breast is one of those cancers.

I shared my journey through breast cancer on my youtube channel. Check out the following my 1st video. When I had my double mastectomy on April 21, 2017. While you are exploring my channel, you can also check out/watch/and support my journey.

I’m definitely honored to be a breast cancer survivor. This is my life and journey and I will keep moving forward.