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Body Image_After Cancer

This subject has been on my mind, especially after my second breast reconstruction surgery. I wanted to talk about body image after cancer treatment/surgery has ended. Before I was diagnosed with cancer, I would say that I had the normal self-doubts about my body and I was consistently comparing myself to other young women. I do still struggle with these things but I’ve been learning to love my body. I’m only 5’0/5’1, I have never been over weight but I also never been skinny. I would say, I have struggled to maintain my current weight and that has to do with not having a thyroid/slower metabolism.

I definitely do see my body differently now and I’m not angry or ashamed about how it looks because having a double mastectomy saved my life. It’s only been 3 weeks, that I’ve had my implants in and my scars are still healing and I need to give my body some time to heal. I wanted to write about body image after cancer because I think it’s something that’s not really talked about or even shown in today’s society. I’m very proud of my body but now after my double mastectomy it’s just not the same and it feels different. I’ve been through a lot these past three years and I do think my body tells that story. I’m very proud of that story and there for I do not have a negative view on how my body looks now. Before I end this post, I wanted to talk about one more thing and that’s scares. I have a variety of different scares on my body, from many surgeries I’ve had throughout my life. These most recent scars on my chest are from my double mastectomy will and they will always be seen when I wear a bikini, summer dress or any else that might show them off. I’ve never felt comfortable in a bikini/swimsuit because I’ve felt like I was judged. Now, when people look at me and see my scars I hope they have the courage to come and ask about them rather than talk and point. My double mastectomy scars are another thing I’m proud about when it comes to my body image. Don’t be scared to show them off, you are all powerful women that have been through a lot and your scars tell a story.

1 year Anniversary_Cowden Syndrome Diagnosis

Good Morning everyone and happy Friday. Today marks my 1 year anniversary for my positive genetic results for Cowden Syndrome. After my positive diagnoses, we started early detection for breast cancer because people with Cowden Syndrome have a higher risk than normal to develop breast cancer.  I believe it’s at 85% chance, I could be wrong on that number. During this time, I found a hard lump on my right breast and I honestly was not sure if it was cancer or not so my mom and I got it checked out. At first, they were telling me it was not breast cancer, it looks like a fibroadenoma. After having an MRI and the results not looking good, they first schedule two biopsies but I ended up having four in total. I ended up being diagnosed with DCIS, known as Ductal Carcinoma in situ in both of my breasts. This was not only a total shock to my family but also the doctor and staff. Even though they know about my high risk of cancer, they did not think I had cancer. After months of talking with other doctors, doing our own research and also traveling to Cleveland Clinic. I finally made my desition to have a double mastectomy on April 21, 2017. I just had my finally breast reconstruction on August 2, 2017.

That’s been my 1 year experiences with Cowden Syndrome. When I got that phone call from the genetic counselor told us the results. It was definitely very hard to hear the results but at the same time, we finally had answers to my entire health history. We always thought my early thyroid problems came from my mom side of the family but now we know it’s connected to Cowden Syndrome. Before I go, I do want to say that I’m not angry or sad anymore about my positive diagnosis of Cowden Syndrome. I truly believed it happened at the perfect time in my life and we were able to catch cancer before it can turn into an invasive form of breast cancer. I see Cowden Syndrome as a tool and using that tool will be hard but we need to use our strength to work with it and push through these hard times. That’s all that I have to say for today and I hope everyone has a great day and weekend.



Breast Reconstruction Surgery_Update

Hi everyone, I thought to update on how my 2nd Breast Reconstruction Surgery went. Since it was out patient procedure we were only at the hospital for the day. The surgery went very well, recovery has been a lot better than the first surgery.

Yesterday, I had my post-op doctors appoitment with my plastic surgeon and he was very happy to see that I’m doing great and they look amazing. He said that I have to take at least one more week to take it easy then I should be back to normal activity. I’m so excited that I had my second surgery because I so ready to move forward with more medical things, life, and my creative career.









Breast Reconstruction_stage 2/day of surgery

August 2nd is finally here. I can’t believe it’s happening. I’m currently writing this blog post on Sunday ( July 29, 2017) for you all. I’m so excited to keep moving forward with my life, health, and future. I’m so excited for the unknown/part of life but to be honest with you all. That really scared me and it still does but right now, I’m learning to run with it. Last year, when I was diagnosed with a less invasive form of breast cancer known as DCIS. At the age of 25, I had to make some very hard choice and that was to have a double mastectomy.

I ended up having my surgery on April 21, 2017 and I’m so happy that I did. If you’re interested in knowing how that first surgery went/experience, I will post a link to my you-tube channel/video.

I also do want to say, this second surgery will be outpatient. I will be home in the afternoon/evening time so I will make sure to keep you guys updated.