Physical Therphy

I can’t believe things are moving forward with getting closer to having my exchange surgery. I have my doctors appoitment with the plastic surgeon next week on Tuesday.

I wanted to talk about my experiences and reason why I’m currently doing physical therapy. During the early stages of recovery, I had a really hard time with moving my arms/movement and mobility was very limited. I also had slight lymphedema on the right side of my body.  While I went in to get my tissue expanders filled, I informed my nurse what was going on and she gave me a script for physical therapy. By the time I scheduled my appointments, I was doing a variety of exercises at home. I was able to get my arm mobility back on my own, so to be truthful with you I did not think I needed physical therapy. Many people around me said, “they can give me more help/exercises – things that you may not have thought of”. I was like, ok……..

I had my evaluation at the end of June and had my first appoitment was this week on Wednesday. I was nervous and also slightly excited to do some physical therapy because I love working out/being active. Through my first official physical therapy season. I was given new exercises to do. along with learning why my muscles are still tightening up. Even though I do have my mobility back in my arms. Physical Therapist told me when your body goes through surgery or has ant trauma happen to the muscles. They ended up tightening up to try and protect you, to not feel any pain. I thought that was very interesting information/medical education to learn about my body. I do believe I learned that information before, I just don’t know where. During my appoitment, the physical therapist also stretched me out/sports massage on the areas that I was really tight. Definitely, hurt but it also felt so amazing. My next appoitment will be on Monday, hopefully. All depend on insurance authorization, they are still waiting to hear from them.


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