New Video_On My You-Tube Channel


2 thoughts on “New Video_On My You-Tube Channel

  1. arnoldtd says:

    Another very good video. I had low calcium too. You described how my hands and legs felt. Mine got so bad I spent time in the hospital with IV’s. Nurses would come in to look at my legs and feet.

    Hope you are doing better.


    • Kaitlyn's Life says:

      Wow, I’m really thankful that my locales him issues aren’t bad. I did have a very hard time keeping up my calcium but now things have been good with the medication I mentioned in the video. I will leave, I mentioned it in the video. Something strange I’ve noticed about my low calcium, it drops when I’m nervous. I believe I mentioned it in the video but not quite sure and I’ve also talk to my endocrinologist about it and he has absolutely no clue.
      When I saw endocrinologist he was very impressed on how well I was doing and so now instead of seeing him every six months, I’ll see him in the year. Unless if I noticed that my thyroid levels are low and I need to get them checked. That’s very interesting that you had low calcium as well, when I got my thyroid taken out they told me that it wasn’t very common for that type a thing to happen when you have your thyroid taken out.
      Question, When he visited Cleveland clinic, did they say anything about low calcium connected to Pten gene and Cowden syndrome. I can’t remember if we asked them or not.


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