Just Checking_In

I’ve still been taking things easy, learning that a mastectomy recovery is a very long process and slowly getting my energy back. Tonight while I’m watching one of my favorite movies “The Age of Adaline”. I wanted to check in with you all through this blog post.

Monday:  I went out to meet other women affected by breast cancer. I was very nervous to go because I was meeting new people. I definitely had an amazing time, talking with so many women that I could relate with when it comes to mastectomy surgery and recovery. We also talked with other women that were thinking about getting genetic testing done to see if they have a high risk of breast cancer and also answered any questions they may have. I loved my time at the meet-up and to be honest with you, I wish it never ended. I could feel so much support, positivity vibes and love from strangers.
Tuesday: I had an 11:30 am an appointment with one of the nurses at the plastic surgeon’s office so I can get my second fill-up for the expanders. Unforchently that did not happen due to redness/maybe an infection that I reported to them last Friday. Nurses wanted to give my body more time to heal and to definitely make sure the redness stays away before adding more saline fluid to my expanders. I completely understood and the nurse wanted to do thing right and make sure I was safe but I was also frustrated.
I’m 5 weeks out from my mastectomy surgery and things are going very good. It’s been very hard but there has been slow improvments in my recovery so that will be it for my check in.

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