Mastectomy Recovery_At The Age of 25

Good Morning, everyone, I wanted to write a blog post about my current recovery from mastectomy surgery On April 21, 2017 – had a nipple sparing mastectomy because last year we found out that I had a rare medical condition that gives me the lifetime risk of different types of cancers. While we figure out my treatment plan, start a baseline for health. We decided to start with the breast because people with Cowden syndrome have an 85% chance of developing invasive cancer.

What can I say about mastectomy recovery? It’s definitely been very hard, painful and slow.  During the first week would be the hardest with the pain, major discomfort, and limited movement of my arms. Things have definitely been getting a lot better within these past two weeks. Day of my surgery, we got the good news that my lymph nodes were all clear. Then we saw my surgeon for my post-op appointment and we got more good news, there was no invasive breast cancer found. Only the original (1st diagnoses) of DCIS breast cancer. DCIS is known as a noninvasive type of breast cancer but if you don’t treat cancer then it can turn into invasive. I was very lucky that I caught breast cancer very early.





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