Can’t Believe It_Happened

I’m living in the nightmare, the house voted and passed a new health care bill. This bill is complete CRAP and people that have some of the most serious medical conditions/pre-existing will die because they can’t afford to have health care or even get access to health care. I’m one of those people deeply affected, my mother has been fighting for her only child to make sure I have health insurance. Through the years, (before the ACA) my parents have been told many times from the health insurance people that I WAS UNINSURABLE. How could you tell a family, that your child is “not eligible for insurance coverage” due to my health and pre-existing medical condition?

I’m only 25 years old and I just had a mastectomy on April 21, 2017, because last year I found out I have a rare medical condition known as cowden syndrome (involves the Pten gene) and that brings along a lifetime risk of developing cancer. Breast cancer is on the top of the list at 85% and last year they found a less-invasive type of breast cancer known as DCIS in both of my breasts.

1. Cancer

2. hypothyroidism

3. chiari malformation 

4. Epilpsey

5. Benign Brain Tumor

6. Being born at 23 Weeks Premature (3 months early)



My first five months of life was spent in the HOSPITAL. 


I live with all of these serious medical conditions/pre-existing. This is a big part of my life and how dare the government think it’s okay to take away the access to ALL  for health care. I will keep telling my story, sharing other people’s stories that are in the same boat as me. We are the ones that need the most medical care and with the bill that passed the house, they are saying it’s okay for the people with pre-existing medical condition to pay a lot more for their medical care. Then others that do not have pre-existing medical condition. I am angry because with this bill we are not moving forward but only backward. 



Before (LEFT) ……. After (RIGHT)     MRI Brain Tumor 



Thyroid Surgery at 18 years old 


EEG for my Epilepsy 




4 thoughts on “Can’t Believe It_Happened

  1. Jeffrey Liakos says:

    Kaitlyn, the only downsides to the Affordable Care Act was that it was not really affordable and that people who liked the Doctors that they had were not able to keep them. So, people not only got booted from their insurance plans, the Doctors they were seeing in some cases did not adopt the Obama healthcare plan.


    • Kaitlyn's Life says:

      Jeffrey, Affordable Care Act has also done a lot of help for people with the pre-exciting medical condition. I’ve been fighting for my right to have health insurance and before the ACA my parents were told by health insurance company that they could not cover me. They denied a CHILD.
      With what happening now, more people than ever will get booted from their health insurance and someone of those people are the ones that needed it the most. Getting booted from health insurance or not being able to see their doctors has been happening way before the ACA. The last thing I would like to say, the ACA saved MY LIFE.


    • Kaitlyn's Life says:

      One more thing, I was writing my response to the other comment about the coffee. I knew about the coffee thing before I went in for the short EEG, last year. I like any coffee types. I can definitely relate to feeling frustrated when everything comes back normal or you get no answers to when things are going on. This EEG hospital stay was really hard because we really wanted to catch some types of seizure activity and nothing happened and yes in a way that’s good too.


  2. Jeffrey Liakos says:

    Kaitlyn, I don’t mind sitting still, or in case of an EEG test, being required to stay still. The only thing is that if it does not show anything that was not already obvious, in that case it feels like it was a waste of time and absolutely fruitless. The pre-existing medical coverage aspect was an upside to the Obama healthcare plan. However, with other plans, people should be able to do a cost-benefit analysis, where they check the benefits of the plan and compare it with the cost. Now, if the cost outweighs the benefit, then it is not worth it. Of course, if the benefit outweighs the cost, than that would be better. You had also mentioned that there may be a genetic component to your Epilepsy. If I recall correctly, you had also mentioned never getting the headaches. Back to where you mentioned enjoying any coffee types, have you ever heard of or used a French press or just the usual coffee pot? My experience has been that with the French press that the coffee flavor was more pronounced. I have read about different forms of Epilepsy. My situation is the generalized tonic version of seizures.


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