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I’ve still been taking things easy, learning that a mastectomy recovery is a very long process and slowly getting my energy back. Tonight while I’m watching one of my favorite movies “The Age of Adaline”. I wanted to check in with you all through this blog post.

Monday:  I went out to meet other women affected by breast cancer. I was very nervous to go because I was meeting new people. I definitely had an amazing time, talking with so many women that I could relate with when it comes to mastectomy surgery and recovery. We also talked with other women that were thinking about getting genetic testing done to see if they have a high risk of breast cancer and also answered any questions they may have. I loved my time at the meet-up and to be honest with you, I wish it never ended. I could feel so much support, positivity vibes and love from strangers.
Tuesday: I had an 11:30 am an appointment with one of the nurses at the plastic surgeon’s office so I can get my second fill-up for the expanders. Unforchently that did not happen due to redness/maybe an infection that I reported to them last Friday. Nurses wanted to give my body more time to heal and to definitely make sure the redness stays away before adding more saline fluid to my expanders. I completely understood and the nurse wanted to do thing right and make sure I was safe but I was also frustrated.
I’m 5 weeks out from my mastectomy surgery and things are going very good. It’s been very hard but there has been slow improvments in my recovery so that will be it for my check in.

Mastectomy Recovery_Sucessfull Day

I wanted to share with you all more news about my mastectomy recovery. Today, I had a very successful appointment at the hospital. I finally had my drains taken out and it felt so good. I had a total of four drains in after surgery and the last two were taken out today. I also had my first around/fill-up for the expanders. Next week, I will be going back to the hospital to get the second fill-up for the expanders. I will also be starting physical therapy/working out at home so I can get back my range of motion in my arms. I’m doing so good, keeping positive about my life and recovery after surgery.

Well, that’s all for me – goodnight everyone.


Mastectomy Recovery_At The Age of 25

Good Morning, everyone, I wanted to write a blog post about my current recovery from mastectomy surgery On April 21, 2017 – had a nipple sparing mastectomy because last year we found out that I had a rare medical condition that gives me the lifetime risk of different types of cancers. While we figure out my treatment plan, start a baseline for health. We decided to start with the breast because people with Cowden syndrome have an 85% chance of developing invasive cancer.

What can I say about mastectomy recovery? It’s definitely been very hard, painful and slow.  During the first week would be the hardest with the pain, major discomfort, and limited movement of my arms. Things have definitely been getting a lot better within these past two weeks. Day of my surgery, we got the good news that my lymph nodes were all clear. Then we saw my surgeon for my post-op appointment and we got more good news, there was no invasive breast cancer found. Only the original (1st diagnoses) of DCIS breast cancer. DCIS is known as a noninvasive type of breast cancer but if you don’t treat cancer then it can turn into invasive. I was very lucky that I caught breast cancer very early.




Can’t Believe It_Happened

I’m living in the nightmare, the house voted and passed a new health care bill. This bill is complete CRAP and people that have some of the most serious medical conditions/pre-existing will die because they can’t afford to have health care or even get access to health care. I’m one of those people deeply affected, my mother has been fighting for her only child to make sure I have health insurance. Through the years, (before the ACA) my parents have been told many times from the health insurance people that I WAS UNINSURABLE. How could you tell a family, that your child is “not eligible for insurance coverage” due to my health and pre-existing medical condition?

I’m only 25 years old and I just had a mastectomy on April 21, 2017, because last year I found out I have a rare medical condition known as cowden syndrome (involves the Pten gene) and that brings along a lifetime risk of developing cancer. Breast cancer is on the top of the list at 85% and last year they found a less-invasive type of breast cancer known as DCIS in both of my breasts.

1. Cancer

2. hypothyroidism

3. chiari malformation 

4. Epilpsey

5. Benign Brain Tumor

6. Being born at 23 Weeks Premature (3 months early)



My first five months of life was spent in the HOSPITAL. 


I live with all of these serious medical conditions/pre-existing. This is a big part of my life and how dare the government think it’s okay to take away the access to ALL  for health care. I will keep telling my story, sharing other people’s stories that are in the same boat as me. We are the ones that need the most medical care and with the bill that passed the house, they are saying it’s okay for the people with pre-existing medical condition to pay a lot more for their medical care. Then others that do not have pre-existing medical condition. I am angry because with this bill we are not moving forward but only backward. 



Before (LEFT) ……. After (RIGHT)     MRI Brain Tumor 



Thyroid Surgery at 18 years old 


EEG for my Epilepsy