Week In The_Hospital

Last week, I had an appointment with my epilepsy doctor. She was interested and concerned to take a look into my seizure activity. After my doctor appointment, she decided to admit me to the hospital right away after we saw her at the office visit. They brought me to the Epilepsy observation center so I can be watched over while being hooked up to an EEG machine. I was nervous and a little excited because I wanted to find out some answers. That’s because I have been having some strange things happening to me and I wasn’t sure if they were mini seizures or something different. Well during my stay in the hospital the doctors even tried to make me have a seizure by stopping my medication and also sleep depriving me during my second night there. Unforchently, no seizure activity and I even pressed the button during the strange muscle twitching and staring. I asked the doctors if there was any seizure activity during those episodes of (strange muscle twitching and staring). While I was in the hospital, I found out something very interesting about my EEG activity. I was told by one of the young doctors that my activity was abnormal from (deep sleep) to (awake). Only when I woke up then this abnormal activity goes away very quickly but if someone comes and wakes me up. This type of abnormal activity does not show. Before I was getting discharged from the hospital. I asked the doctor about this strange activity and they told me it’s an activity(pattern) in my brain that’s only for me.


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