Epilepsy Update_New News

I have some crazy news to tell you all. Last week while I was talking with one of my doctors she informed me that she (along with genetics counselor) was able to help a new patient that came to them with very similar health concerns. Through expensing me (1st) they were able to help her with her with her seizures and through their studies they are now helping me. Now my doctor thinks that I have multiple types of seizures due to viewing this other patient (she has focal seizures) so my doctor believes that I’m the same. Last year when we first saw this doctor she thought I was generalized seizures but now she does not think that anymore. That’s amazing that’s why I love the medical team. When my doctor told me what my very own medical experience helped someone else, that definitely made me feel special. My epilepsy doctor now wants me to come into the hospital and be admitted to the epilepsy floor so I can be watched for a few days and monitored by an EEG machine. This is still being planned out so at the moment she scheduled me in to see at an office visit on Tuesday. I looked up focal seizures and I truly think that’s the types of seizures I have, when I was reading the description I was like “OMG that’s me”. That’s all for me today, I’m getting very tired so I will be ending my blog post here. I will definitely keep you all updated on my epilepsy/seizures.


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