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3rd Craniotomy Surgery Anniversary

Today marks my 3rd year anniversary of removing a rare brain tumor from the left side of my cerebellum. Definitely feels like it’s been a lot longer than three years because I’ve been through a lot more than just the brain tumor. I have never known life without being surrounded by doctors, MRI scans, therapy and medication so my life has not changed in those areas but there definitely been changes to my brain chemistry. That’s because after having brain surgery I had my first grand mal seizure sometime in April but at that time the doctors just thought my brain was healing from surgery, trying to rewire itself. After months and a total of three grand mal seizures, I finally saw an amazing doctor at North Western Hospital and she said: “you have generalized epilepsy and you have always had it but going brain surgery and the medication lower the threshold and there for brought the seizures to the surface”.

Having brain surgery was the best thing to happen in my life but to be honest with you all, it has definitely made some major changes to how my body/brain works now. Even though life with this rare brain tumor, Cowden’s syndrome, epilepsy, having no thyroid and now a breast cancer diagnoses is very hard and stressful to deal but I would not change a thing. Everything I’ve been through has given me the power, strength, and sympathy to help others and keep telling my story. I want to shine a light and positivity on a world when things are seeming really dark and scary. I am proud of my life and I will not give up and I will keep on fighting.

1/2 Picture: 1st picture after having surgery on February 23, 2015.
2/2 Picture: sign/hospital were a find an amazing surgeon that would take on my challenging case/rare brain tumor. When he got a new job a North Western, we ended up following him.
I was born at 23 weeks premature on September 10, 1991. I was exactly three months premature, my original due date was on December 10, 1991.