I’m still here

Hi everyone, I haven’t written a post a VERY long time. Things have been very crazy with the holidays, health and much more. Trust me, things are still very crazy but not they have calmed down quite a lot. I wanted to jump onto my blog and write a very quick post for you all. These past two weeks were filled with many mistakes and new experiences. I went to my very first (Stupid Cancer) meet up here in Chicago. If you have never heard of this organization before, it was founded my a young gentleman that was diagnosed with brain cancer. He saw that there were not many support systems for young adults with cancer. That night was so much fun, I met so many great people. One young woman, I met, in particular, has also been diagnosed with her own breast cancer diagnosis. Last week we ended up meeting up for coffee so we can talk and get to know each other more. For me, it was amazing so I get to ask her question and she is very close in my age and she has been through it ALL. I also participated in a town-hall meeting to help stop the repeal of the ACA. That was amazing to see so many people affected by health care. I cried VERY much that morning. Then on Jan 21, 2017 – I also participated in the Women’s march here in Chicago. That was also another amazing and very long day to see so many people come together and walk for ALL WOMEN. Women of al ages, men, children, and babies from all different religions and cultural backgrounds gather together downtown.
Well, happy Monday everyone the sun is finally shining here in Chicago and that makes me so happy.


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