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Hey everyone, I wanted to quickly post a link to my (10-facts video) on my youtube channel. Please subscribe to my channel and there are many more videos and others projects to come. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and now it’s bed time…..good night😴😴😴.


Breast_Biopsy, My Cowden​ Journey 

I wish I was writing about something exciting and new for today’s blog post. A few weeks back I had an ultrasound done to check on a lump I found in my right breast. When the doctors and radiologist took a look at the ultrasound they diagnosed the lump to be a fibroid. The breast surgeon/specialist that I saw wanted to double check the lump with an MRI because of my newly diagnosed of cowden syndrome. When the doctor was reviewing the MRI the lump and other ones that could be seen looked concerning to them because of their appearance on the MRI.They wanted to triple check with an ultrasound biopsy of the first lump(largest one)in my right breast.

Today was the day, overall the entire process went very well and they are still thinking that the lumps are fibroids but they just want to make sure. We will find out the results on Tuesday. I wanted to write a blog post about my experience with getting early detection for breast cancer even though I am 25 years old. There is still this view and education on that young women don’t have to really be concerned about cancer until their 30’s when the true process of getting checked out starts. My mom came with me for support and while she was in the waiting room there were many people thinking she was waiting to be seen. She was like, “no, not me – my 25-year-old daughter is having a biopsy done”. While we were leaving the hospital and walking to a nearby food place because I wasn’t hungry but I felt sick in a way that I knew I needed to eat something. Overall, I’m doing good and feeling happy so I hope everyone is having a great Friday out there. Hope you all enjoy your weekend.