What does Fitness/Working Out Mean to Me

Tonight, I thought about writing another blog post about fitness. My goal for working out is not to loose weight but to set up my body for the best future possible for my health. I already go to many doctors appointments, get many test/scans and also take much medication. Working out and watching what I eat is just another key to my health and future. Being fit means so much to me because it’s something I love to do, gives me another passion for helping others and the motivation to keep on fighting.

I wanted to talk about working out and fitness again because this past month I had a 3rd cousin of mine pass away at the age of 19 years old. Without going into too great of a detail she had a genetic medical condition that ended up going down hill very fast. Reason on why I wanted to talk about her passing because you never know when it’s the time. You can be here on this earth one day and gone another. For me, this really opened my eyes because of my own medical condition. I don’t know what my life will be so why should I focus on the (unknown) in life and be scared to travel, take risks and explore. I am learning and slowly taking steps towards my dreams to help/motivate others through telling my story. During my 3rd cousin 19 years of life, she made a difference in so many people’s lives and sometimes it was just giving a smile or a helping hand with her cousins/family. I feel like there is a reason for the life I have been through and I have a passion for helping others and I truly believe that I can do that through documenting my journey, health and fitness.


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