What I want_young dyslexic students to know

While this school year is ending and those fun summer activities will start. Then the title for this blog post poped into my mind “What I want young dyslexic students to know”. Through my many years of school I have experienced the good, bad and absolutely ugly when it comes to being different in the classroom/school. When I was growing up I had an amazing support system rather it was friends, family and even my teachers so that’s what definitely got me through those hard times in school. From doing my own research and meeting other dyslexic students that’s not the case for everyone. This shocked me because I grew up really embracing who I am and I wasn’t scared to ask the student next to me how to sound a word out. Yes, I did experiencing being bullied but having that support behind me and people expecting that I learned differently then others did help.

8th grade was one of my darkest and hardest times in school years because I was being bullied by my very own teacher. With out going into major detail she was constantly put me down, make me read out loud in class and many more negative things. I did loose that confidence I had because of those experiences but in the end I wouldn’t of change anything. Now, I’m 24 and a college graduate I’m reflexing back on that year in 8th grade and even through it was one of the worst years. I honestly don’t regret that experience because it has brought a new drive to help others and to show other dyslexic students, parents, and teachers that dyslexia is a gift and will open so many doors.

What I want young dyslexic students to know is that school and education are so important and I know it’s hard and you will struggle so much. Trust me, I’ve been there but one of the things that helped me finding what I excelled in and that was art. When I struggled to understand something, I was able to draw it out and that’s because I was a visual learner.

I want to be that support and advocate for dyslexia community because I have experienced it all. Plus, there stigma out in the world about dyslexia and we are labeled of stupid, slow or even lazy. None of this is true and I want to share my story and show people that being dyslexic is a gift and yes going to be incredibly hard but your mind is able to look at the world/objects differently.

While back, I was on you-tube and I came across an amazing video done my Ted-Talk. They did an amazing job not only explain what dyslexia is and how it effect someone learning how to read and write but they also list so many well-known famous people that are also dyslexic. Please check this video out……


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