(Sunday)1 Year_From Stopping Antibiotics

This past Sunday (April 24th, 2016) marked my 1st anniversary from ending the heavy antibiotics were stopped and my PICC line was taking out. I was very excited because of eight weeks and three times a day I had to do these antibiotics because my body/brain was a fight so a type of .

One of the ways that a find out that I had a bacterial infection is through fever, head pain and overall not feeling good. Everything started two weeks after having brain surgery to remove a tumor. I thought everything was going great and I was healing and getting stronger. Then I became very sick and I told my mom “my brain wants to jump out of body/head”. Of course, this would scare any parent so we called the nurse and they said to the ER. I felt very bad and my mom and I both thought that it was going to be a quick trip and then we would be home. That was defiantly not the case because we found out with high white blood cell count and a few other levels that were all high all pointed the signs to an infection.

We spent a week in the hospital trying to figure out what type of bacteria I had in my body but sadly it wasn’t that easy. They never fight a particular type of bacteria so the doctors just keeper fighting the infection overall. I just wanted to quickly write a post about my experiences because it was defiantly one of my hardest things I’ve experienced in my life. I truly do honor so much more people out in the world that has to deal with PICC lines or constantly having an infection in their body. Down the line, if I have to experience a bacterial infection in my body again then I will fight it and keep on fighting but I will never know. Lastly, I got my PICC line taking out on (April 28, 2015).



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