1 Year Ago_Today 

Hey everyone, today I wanted to write a quick reflection on my medical journey with a rare brain tumor. During this time last year I was dealing with quite a lot that included being on heavy antibiotics (3-times a day), many doctors and hospital visits. Then all of a sudden I became very sick. I first felt in the back of my head(where I had surgery), it felt/looked like a egg. We con contacted the nurse and she said to send pictures to her via email, we did but my mom was like it won’t do anything. In the pictures the area looked normal so once we heard back from the nurses and my doctor they said “everything looks fine” but we knew that wasn’t true. Every Monday we had a nurse come to the home to change the dressing on my pic line and draw some blood. We informed him/show him what was going on and he said it looked like a CF weak. He ended up calling the nurse and doctor office himself to express his concern, we even took measurements of the area on my head. Finally the surge said that we can schedule in to see the surgeon at clinic on April 8th. We of course said yes and so on that day we went into the university of Chicago to see my neurosurgeon. After seeing the large shape egg on my head they were defiantlyconcerned. “Wow, this is defiantly a lot larger then from the pictures””defiantly a CF leak but I have never seen this so fare out from the original/first surgery”. Then my Neurosurgeon goes on to tell us that this Type of leak happens with in a few days/week from the first surgery. After that then he goes on to say that we have two choices, first one would be to have surgery to fix the area then the second option would be to drain the fluid with the syringe right then and there and then wrap my head really really tightly. Then he goes on to say that he would rather do the less invasive option because I’m young but still schedule a surgery option for that following Monday just in case if the first option does not work. Of course we definitely agreed with him and went along with the less of a safe option and had the fluid drained from my head. I definitely did feel 100% better after I had the fluid drained because we actually went for a walk around the block before getting back into th car. Unfortunately having my head wrapped extremely tightly gave me a constant headache because of the pressure but it seems like the less invasive option was working but unfortunately things took a terrible turn for the worst.

That afternoon my mom and I were out grocery shopping and everything seemed great but unfortunately the nauseous feeling came back again. I rushed to the nearest restroom as fast as I could after informing my mom how I felt. Once I got back to where she was in the grocery store we thought my head in the area where I had brain surgery. Fluid came back even faster so we didn’t have to have surgery that following Monday on April 8, 2015. That’s the reason why I’m writing this blog post because when you’re ago today I was being wheeled back into the operation room to have surgery on my brain. Once again, I was a complete medical mystery. Everyone thought that a stitch burst it open from the first surgery to remove the brain tumor but once they got into my head they found a hole. Yes you read that this information correctly there was a hole that Forent right next to the area that I had surgery the first time. This completely shocked everyone and they had no clue or answer to why this type of thing happened. This was definitely another hard obstacle that my family and I had to face but in the need we knew it was the only opposition. Even though I was dealing my 4th hospital stay and second surgery, I wasn’t givinging up. Yes, it was definitely hard, painful and scary but it has made me stronger. Honestly I am honored to go through and experiences the things I have been through. Lastly from the words of nerosurgen, “you are very unusual, I’ve never had a patient with so many complications”. I laughed and smiled when I heard this, I thought it was funny.

Pictures of me, before and after my 2nd surgery. I heard this from a tv show I was watch, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I truly do believe this from my personality/life experiences.

BEFORE:                                                                          AFTER: ddb78b_04e546975f8e45ff9814e39fd247bb21 (1)


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