Before_After Brain Surgery

Many people walk through a life journey rather it’s a health, mental or physical problem. We all experience some type of pain or setback throughout our life but we can choose how to continue that journey. Rather through negative darkness where we blame everyone/everything around us or we can change our minds and see the light. I guess, what I am trying to say is that we have the power/key to personally change our mindset in terrible situations in our life. That’s because four years ago my life was stopped to a complete halt because I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor known as lumerity duclos disease (non-cancerous dysplastic gangliocytoma of the cerebellum). I was defiantly angry with God and could believe that I had to once again to deal with another health problem. Through this angry, sadness and even feeling lost I just went on with my life and was terrified of graduating college and that’s because my mind was holding onto the unknown.

There is defiantly a reason for this post, that’s because I’ve had something in my mind since I had my 1 year anniversary for my brain tumor surgery. Before February 23, 2015, I wasn’t living and I was scared to just take one step outside. That’s because I didn’t know what the future would hold for me and my mind was scared to take any risks. Now, it’s been a year a three months and I am slowly but surely learning and taking risks and keep pushing to achieve my dreams. I really want to help children and the younger generation by guiding them through life but in a creative/artistic way.


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