I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to write about next. A few days ago I came across this image that I found on LinkedIn that someone else decides to share. I liked, shared and now decide to share on my blog because it deafly resonated with my own personal experiences with being dyslexic and struggling in the normal school curriculum. From a very young age, I knew that I learned/think differently than the other students.


At the moment I would like to talk about the experience I had over the weekend. I got to meet this bright, funny and creative little third-grader. We have many things in common and one of those include being dyslexic and struggling in school. I started to spark up a conversation with her in a variety of different topics so she would get cnfortable(open-up). I asked her questions about school, dance in any other types of activity she might be involved in. Knowing about her dyslexia I wasn’t thrown off when she told me “I hate math and reading and I don’t want anything to do with it, it’s useless”. I could definitely relate to where she was coming from but as a young adult and seeing the gifts of being dyslexic in a difficult educational system. We just have to find ways that Personly work for us. For example, when I was struggling in math class with a word problem. I laid it just dry out because I knew that I’m a visual learner rather than trying to figure out and read the problem.  

I want to be truthfully honest with you guys this made me angry but in the end, it also made me want to help her even more. I know this is deafly not going to be the last time that I meet this little girl but I truly do want to be some sort of mentor for her because I can personally relate to the good/bad when it comes to being dyslexic at school. Yes, reading/math and spelling will be hard but it is useful because with out them we wouldn’t have so many amazing dyslexics.

These Are just only a few of famous dyslexic (they thought differently than others) had many people give up on them/made fun of them for being different but they say their gifts. This is what I want to do for the world share my creative gift and brain with the world. Change one mind at a time……… That’s because I want to show the younger generation that being different is okay, you just learn/think in a different way.

Actors in entertainers:

1. Orlando Bloom

2. Jim Carrey

3. Whoopi Goldberg

Physicians and surgeons

1. Harvey Cushing

2. Fred Epstein

Business Leaders

1. Richard Branson

2. David Neeleman

Musicians and vocalists

1. Cher

2. Brad Little

3. John Lennon

4. Nigel Kennedy

Before I go this is for all the parents out there that me being his struggling or feeling sad that their child has gotten a diagnosis dyslexia. Yes, it’s 100% scary but it’s definitely not the end because your child is able to do so many other things that normal other children may not have the capability (mind strengths). Please embrace those gifts that you see in your child rather it’s in music, are or even athletics. Also as a parent you need to be an advocate for your child when it comes to getting thanks, octuple accommodations and school but as they grow you should also teach them that they need to be their own advocate when they get older. My mom taught me to be my own advocate when I was in seventh or eighth grade and I do really appreciate that because it made me more open to telling people about my learning differences, strengths and what teachers could you to help me in the classroom. One more thing, please if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave them and please share my blog with your family and friends.


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