Lumosity.com_Why I Also Workout My Brain Power

Happy Saturday everyone and today I will be talking about If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s a brain training website. You can play three games (each day) for FREE or you can also pay a membership. I was introduced to this website through someone that my mom knows. He does a lot of brain training and he throughout it would be something good for me. I did play these games quite a lot but I ended up taking a very long break because of school/college.

Now, that I had brain surgery last year to remove the tumor and also been dealing with seizures. I thought it might be a great idea to get back into working out my brain on because I’ve definitely seen a difference in how my mind works. One of my problems with my mind and brain (post surgeries/seizures) it’s been a lot slower and my memory and processing hasn’t been great. Along with my daily workout, I also make sure I do the games on Lumosity because I know it has definitely helped. I do want to stress that my mind/brain is total not back to where it was before surgeries,seizures and brain tumor diagnoses. I know it will never happen but that’s okay with me because it’s my new normal and I just have to work with what God gave me. I still do hate that I forget things (words) while I’m talking or most recently I forgot how old I was. Yes, that’s right I forgot my age and I was second guessing myself in a conversation I was having on Twitter.

Another thing that has happened to me a lot is when I want to go into one room in the house but end up walking into another one. Through having these challenges with my memory(brain), doing these games on Lumosity has made me face many obstacles like remembering paths and direction or even looking at the entire picture of a puzzle.
Before, I end this post I want to say that doing these games has also helped me with sticking with goals and working towards something. I know that I’m not alone in this but after graduating from college in 2014, I felt very lost. Honestly, I still do but with working on these games ( I find that it helps me face my challenges.
One more thing, going these games are in my regular day routine.
If this seems like something you’re interested in please check out their website.



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