Brain Surgery Date_feb 23,2015 

Hi everyone, today I finally finalized the brain surgery date. It’s going to be on Feb 23, 2015, at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Now that the date is in the calendar, I’m feeling at nervous feeling in the bottom of your stomach. I know this feeling is okay to have because it’s surgery and there are always risks and complication when going under for anything. Over all, I know this is very important for me and my overall health/every day living. Having this tumor removed will hopefully help with the neck pain, headaches when I cough/laugh/bend down and minimize the tics/movements. I can’t believe I will be having my second brain surgery at the age of 23 year old. Before I end this blog entry, I want to say that I’m a little excited for my surgery/hospital stay. Yes, I know this is really weird but I like doctors, nurses and getting my blood drawn because I like the medical field it’s all so interesting. 


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