24 Hour_Home EEG 

I have some very exciting news that I received about a week ago. When I met with my new neurologist and we talked about what the next step would be in my care for my seizures. She suggested that a 24 hour EEG would be the best next step but she wasn’t sure what type of EEG. There are ones that you are admitted to the hospital for the 24 hours or there are another kind and where you are hooked up at home for the 24 hours and you just go along with your day. Well we were talking to her about the pros and cons of each, I personally was hoping for the home EEG because I do have some experience from my first seizure and having a 24 hour EEG in the hospital. It’s definitely not fun at all because you were stuck in bed and you can’t move.
I got a call from from a private EEG Company that works with my hospital, so I can set up a time and date for them to come to my house and hook me up for a 24 hour home EEG. The lady on the phone asked me if I was available on January 18, 2016 at 10 o’clock in the morning, I did not hesitate or even check my schedule and I said “yes I am”. I am so excited to do this next step in my journey with a brain tumor I know it’s scary because it’s a new experience but I know I’m not alone in the process I have so much support from my friends, family and God. Experiencing this new step in my Life Jenny, I can be quite scary because of the unknown but I know that I’m definitely ready for what God has in store with me. I hope you guys follow me on January 18 because I’m planning to do some sort of video or photography, that documents in my experience with having a 24 hour home EEG.


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