Hi everyone, happy almost Halloween. Today I wanted to give you few DIY in creative crafts and cooking. These first few treats are brought to you by the (The Chew) on ABC.

  1.  Frozen Ghost Banana Pops
  2. Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows
  3. Blood Orange “I-Scream” Float
  4. Halloween Candy Bar Blondie

Then here are two drinks for the adults. (21 + years).

  1. Spooky Sweet Lemon Twist
  2.  Diablo Martini

Next, these Halloween DIY decoration are brought to you by Pinterest. Where you can find miles and miles of people posting creative and fun ideas for all type of holidays and parties.

  1. Scary Monster lamps.
  2. Basics: Ombre Wine Bottles
  3. Halloween Ideas: Cheap, Modern & Chic
  4. Boogie Monster Tissue Holder

Hope you all enjoy and please keep safe. Rather if your tracking out to trick or treat or a Halloween Party.


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