Canceled_Chasing Life

A few days ago, while I was scrolling through my facebook page. I came upon some very sad news that was told by Chasing Life star, Italia Ricci. She informed many fans, that ACB Family decided to cancel Chasing Life. After the show, had one of their lowest views and the second season just ended.

If you have never heard of this tv show before, it’s a cancer drama about a young woman named April Carver. She an inspiring journalist and nothing will get in her way from achieving that dream. Not even after being diagnosed with leukemia. April tries to control and fight for the life that she once had. Even by trying to hide it from the family. Throughout the first and second season, April goes through a big change. Not only in health but also life, love, and friendships. I know, that I can relate to April and her journey with cancer. That’s why I’ve been a fan of the show from the very beginning because I have my own medical problems.

Fours years ago, I was a junior in college and I just turned 21 and I thought I knew my life and where it was going. Until I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called lumerity duclos disease. Now, I need to figure things out differently because now I know that I have this rare medical condition. That many doctors has never even heard of before. This defiantly can make things very stressful. Most recently, I had surgery back in February and another one in April to fix a hole. Throughout this time, I was in and out of the hospital for about five times. Dealing with a variety of medical problems, after my first surgery.

That’s why, I really liked Chasing Life because how relatable it can be. I’m really sad to see this show no longer going forward after this second season. I believe, that it was just getting started. There were so many ways to take the story, so many untold messages that were left opened.


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