Embrace Watch

Today, I would like to share with you something quite special and that’s the Embrace Watch. I can’t remember how I came across this watch sometime last year with my mom, while we were researching epilepsy on-line. Growing up I knew the basic information/facts about seizures but truly never knew how they can affect someone life and family until it all started happening to me. I know that I have written about my first seizure before but for new follower or people that have just stumbled upon my blog. I will give a quick recap, I had my first seizure in April of 2015 and then again in June/July 2015, November 3, 2015, was my very last grand-mal seizures. I am very thanks for having such a great reaction to the antiseizure medication that I have been on because all of those seizures happened after the doctor took me off because they just thought my brain was healing from the brain surgery. Finally sometime in December of 2015 I was diagnosed with genetic epilepsy.

I wanted to talk about the Embrace watch for a few different reason and for me that’s because with being a young adult I hope to once again live on my own. I hope this watch could help with that and for me to gain back that independence. Next thing that I did think about is releasing the stress not only on my own body but also my mother’s. Just like many other families with children/adults with epilepsy there is a fear that comes with it. Not only does the Embrace watch detect your stress but it can also save lives by detecting seizures (grand mal seizures) then alarm the caregiver that the person needs help. This is amazing so I wanted to share with my follower, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

I personally do not have the Embrace watch at the moment while I write this blog post. I hopefully will be getting it very soon in the near future. I wanted to share this information on the Embrace watch just in case someone has a family member, friend or child that deals with seizures. Please share and check out, I will post a link to their website along with a great informational video. Empatica is the company behind/makes these amazing watches for adult and children.




Empatica Website (Embrace): https://www.empatica.com

Images seen on this post are on Empatica Website.